How Information Technology Has Changed Businesses

How Information Technology Has Changed Businesses

Information technology has changed businesses, at one time standard work in offices consisted only of a desk, a phone and possibly an intercom along with files/folders, pens and other basic office supplies. Things sort of got a major uplift with the coming of information technology. Computers, internet, social media, cloud technology and other IT stuffs have kind of revolutionized the workplace. Read on to find out how IT has helped changed businesses.

Better Productivity

Time management and productivity has received a big boost with the advent and use of information technology. Everything from interaction to communication to managing employee time and tasks has become easier, thanks to productivity software apps, Skype, email etc. With Cloud based storage, all essential documents can be stored safely for future access. Office meetings can be completed in miniscule time with video conferences, and there is no need to leave the desk. Participation can be facilitated from different spots, and even freelance employees working from home can join into the discussions.

Better Social Interaction

At one time, networking was only restricted to discussions near the water cooler or filter and lunchtime conversations. Just a peek at the FB or Twitter profile of a colleague and a glance at his posted photos on Instagram or Pinterest can be enough today to get vital clues about his lifestyle, choice and preferences. Social networking is a good way to break ice with co-workers, new and old, and get to know them better to work more easily. It is also an effective way to kill boredom and interact with family members without making the communications obvious with a phone call.

More Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has long been a crucial problem for employees, and information technology has changed businessesand balance work and life much easier. Working from home with computers and keeping constant communication with offices with messenger apps, Skype and emails is changing the way how business is being done and life at home is maintained. Maternity leaves have got shortened and employees can often do without leaves for many months due to the ability to work from home for full days. This is mutually beneficial for employees as well as the organizations.

Better Cost Management

With the aid of productivity tools, accounting software and cost management apps, tracking daily expenses has become easier and the information can be stored on the web for future access. Profitability and productivity gets a significant boost due to this reason, and there is more fiscal health for businesses. With innovative software and technological equipments coming daily into the scene, there is minimal wastage of time and expenses.

Task Allotment and Management

Use of information technology has changed businesses and also helping them track individual employee performance much better, and allot tasks to workers on the basis of individual capabilities. The strength areas and weak spots of each employee can be determined more easily, and allotment of tasks is done accordingly. With performance evaluation becoming easier in this way, appraisals, increments and promotions can also be made more conveniently and more transparency can be maintained at the workplace.


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