Important Developments About Technology in Modern Society

Important Developments About Technology in Modern Society

There is no doubt that technology has always been an important part in the transition of society. In this article, we will find out and read how technology in modern society has it. Has their being some good or bad? Advancement in any field cannot be termed as bad, though there can be some drawbacks.

A significant step in developments of technology would be search engines. These search engines formed a very crucial part of the Internet. A popular search engine would be Google, which is being followed dedicatedly by millions of users worldwide. The idea was created and implemented by two college students who decide to have a database where people can find what they want to.

This was a result of the formation of the Internet. Several developers have come up and designed their own social media tools and apps, which are now being used by millions of users worldwide. The same process was followed. Today, technology has helped thousands of children who are unable to attend school due to travel issues or physical problems can learn from the comfort of their homes.  

What Has The Tools Done To Society?

The social media tools started taking form with Facebook way back a decade ago followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. You could say that it was a result of the Internet taking the world by storm. They seem to keep following one and another. You had something one day it would be something else a few months or a year later.  

A good example of that would be Facebook and then WhatsApp that is closely similar to the former. It has been acquired by Facebook for several billions. These developments cannot be ignored or neglected because they are crucial and vital for the survival of the fittest. Not all apps or tools become noticed or gets popular instantly.

But, they have deeply impacted society. Today, you can find love ones being in contact almost throughout the day using Facebook or WhatsApp. All they need to do is message or post a message and carry on. They can also use Skype which is another interesting tool, where you can converse both audio and video with somebody who is located thousands of miles.

It will seem as if they were sitting right near. So, these are very important developments which have taken place and very crucial ones too.

There have been constant developments as well as changes in technology, which have affected and benefited society today. The changes are all for good, but like all products, some bad also happens, which cannot be blamed on the developments or advancements in technology alone. It would be naive to say, that these changes were bad or where not useful in some way or the other.

It is good that technology in modern society is taking place because where would the world be if it wasn’t the case. When development happens, society develops and takes few steps forward. Supposing the developments are slow or obsolete, then you cannot expect society to move forward.  


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