Apple Change The Rules Of It’s App Store After It Rejects Valve’s App For Game Streaming

“Apple quietly updated its App Store guidelines on Monday, while the keynote address of WWDC was happening in San Jose, to allow for mobile apps like Valve’s Steam Link game streaming service, according to Reuters. Steam owner Valve said last week Apple had initially rejected Steam Link, which lets consumers access and stream their PC game library onto a mobile device, due to apparent “business” conflicts.” 

Source: The Verge

The tech company has change it’s app store rules last Monday after it rejects Steam Link app by Valve citing the reason is because of business issues. Steam Link app allows users to stream and also to have access to their PC gaming library into their own mobile devices. The change however does not invalidate Apple’s policy regarding an iOS app that has features for hosting it’s own app.

The new regulations will now allow remote mirroring of apps just like Steam Link. No updates yet regarding the availability of Steam Link app on the Apple Store.