Google Will Work With The Military But It Will Not Develop AI Weapons

“Google has released a set of principles to guide its work in artificial intelligence, making good on a promise to do so last month following controversy over its involvement in a Deprtment of Defense drone project. The document, titled “Artificial Intelligence at Google: our principles,” does not directly reference this work, but makes clear that the company will not develop AI for use in weaponry. It also outlines a number of broad guidelines for AI, touching issues like bias, privacy, and human oversight.”

Source: The Verge

It is said that Google will continue to work with the military but they have said that they will not develop AI weapons. The reason for this was for Google not to violate any norms rather use AI research for the benefit of society. There are thousands of Google employees that signed the open letter that urges Google to cut it’s ties with the said program.

The company said that they will continue to work with the Pentagon, but they will end their involvement with the project called “Project Maven” that expires by the year 2019, it is also said that this project was a tryout for Google to get a lucrative contract to be worth around $10 billion dollars.