The Global Impact Of Technology On Free Speech

The impact of technology has been intense on free speech, movement, and exposure. Today, you can easily find somebody who is located thousands of miles from your location, within matter of minutes or even seconds through the Internet. Technology has grown at a very rapid pace, thanks to the Internet.

Thanks to video marketing tools like YouTube which is free to use and to spread the word, many people have taken it upon themselves to market their products, services, and their businesses. Perhaps, they want to make their message to the world, they can make use of these tools and services to do so.

Has Had An Impact On Kids

It had a massive impact on kids who cannot go to school or attend school due to physical problems or travel constraints. Perhaps, you might know somebody who was affected due to this conditions. However, that is no longer a problem because technology has provided them with a solution. They can now attend school through online course or live streaming of classes using tools.

There are many tools like Skype, which enable kids to be part of a class, from a remote area or sitting at home, and also for business people communicating with their clients who are located in far off locations. All they need to do is log on using the Internet and connect using this tool. That is it.

Parents Can Keep Eye On Children And Elderly At Home

As a parent the need to worry about your child or elderly parent who is sick at home, when you are at work or out of the house, is no longer there. Using apps, you can now keep track of their whereabouts and have your alarm triggered if somebody unwanted tries to enter your property. This way, you can also keep an eye on your pets.

Not All Developments Have Been Good

However, most of these tools, can become instant hits. A good example of that would be Pokémon Go, which is a game that allows players to play using realistic scenes, which make the game more interesting. Released just a few years ago, it has taken the world by storm.

The unfortunate part is that, some users do not know how to play responsibly. They tend to get little carried away and often misuse the games. Social media tools and developments of technology when implemented in games are done with good intention by the designers, but it is extremely unfortunate that few users misuse it and perform inappropriate things.

As you can see, the impact of technology has been massive. There is no denying in that. Millions of users worldwide can vouch for that. Like we read, kids with physical problems or travel constraints can now learn from home without worrying about attending school. Parents can keep an eye on their kids or elderly parents at home, just about from anywhere

The impact is tremendous and we would be naive to deny it or acknowledge it. Yes, there have been some negatives about these developments, but users need to educate others on the importance of making good use of technology. Technology has always been there to help society make the world a better and safer place.