An Internet Without The Amazon Cloud

“Amazon servers make up so much of the internet that it can be hard to separate the two. As of last year, Amazon Web Services controlled roughly 40 percent of the cloud market, running the backend for Netflix, Pinterest, Slack and dozens of other services with no visible connection to the company. Because the Amazon partnership is rarely explicit, AWS becomes a kind of invisible infrastructure, like water mains, submarine cables, or any of the other hidden pipes we rely on without seeing.”

Source: The Verge

When amazon cloud services is having an issues like it did just earlier this month of July, it seems like the internet is falling apart. Most people have no idea on what it’s like when amazon cloud services are down, but there is a solution, the downtime in the system doesn’t have to be out of public.

A developer named Dhruv Mehrotra created a plugin that can disconnect from AWS by using public IP lists from the system itself to block a connection to Amazon server, It is a MacOS port of an early tool that is used for Linux, the program can tell you what the internet would be if and when Amazon Web Services stop existing the program is available on Github.