Apple’s Right Approach For Notifications In iOS 12

“There were a lot of great features announced last week at Apple’s WWDC, but the one that’s going to have the biggest effect on my day-to-day life is the overhaul to how notifications are managed in iOS 12. Back in April, I detailed four things that Android does better than the iPhone when it comes to notifications. With iOS 12, Apple has taken care of three of them. Notifications can be grouped, it’s easier to make them silently appear, and, most importantly, you can directly manage settings from the notification itself. Android P still claims to do a better job of prioritizing notifications, but three out of four isn’t bad.”

Video Courtesy Of The Verge

Source: The Verge

Once the iOS 12 rolls out, apple has a new approach for notifications feature. Notifications on our phone is very important since it tells us what we need to know it can be in the form of an update, meeting that we will have, movies that we want to watch, news update, social media notifications if we have updates on our account etc.

For now the iOS 12 notification features is not yet public so most of us will just speculate on what would be the final outcome of the iOS 12 update. Apple needs to make it simple and easy to manage so that notifications will be organize, knowing Apple they know what to do in notifications on iOS 12.