New Apple MacOS Mojave Dark Screen Mode Feature

“Apple on Monday gave the world a peek at macOS Mojave, the next version of its operating system for Macintosh laptop and desktop computers. The preview took place at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Mojave has a mix of new features that add to its good looks and utility as a productivity tool. Among its highlights is a new Dark Mode — a darkened color scheme designed to make content pop on the desktop while controls blend into the background.”

Source: Tech News World

MacOS Mojave has a Dark Screen Mode Feature. Apple gave a preview of the new update on the macOS last Monday during the WorldWide Developers Conference 2018. It is said that the Dark Mode feature can change the Mac Desktop with a much darker color where content just appear and the controls are happening in the background.

iOS apps also comes to the Mac. Apple before always rejects the idea of of having iOS apps on the Mac, but right now they have a changed of mind, during WWDC 2018 last monday Apple said that they are now working on getting iOS apps to run and operate on macOS, but in the beginning their will be a few iOS apps that will run on the Mac. Voice Memos, Home, Stocks and News but in the next year Apple will provide the developers the capability of porting their iOS offerings to the macOS.