Uber Wants To Have A Patent To Detect Drunk Passengers

“Anybody who’s ever shared an Uber with a drunken stranger knows that it can be a loud, tiresome, and downright gross experience. Right now, there isn’t much that drivers (and carpoolers) can do to steer clear of these sorts of people, but artificial intelligence could be a solution. According to a patent application spotted by CNN, Uber has drawn up a plan for AI that detects a user’s drunken behavior to accommodate them before they get into the backseat. The system, described by members of Uber’s Trust & Safety team in 2016 and published yesterday, tracks how someone typically uses Uber’s app: how quickly they type (and with how many typos), how precisely they click on buttons, their walking speed, and the way their phone is typically held or dropped on any given day.”

Source: The Verge

Uber want to have a patent that can detect drunk passengers for it’s drivers. It’s no secret that people like to go to a party, club etc. and have a good time and get drunk in the process and they will use Uber for a ride, but most of the time Uber drivers can’t say if the passengers that wants a ride is drunk or not that’s why the ride sharing company wants to have the patent.

For now it is still a work in progress, the patent is an AI that can detect if the passenger is drunk or not and it can notify the driver ahead of time before picking up the passenger. I guess we will find out sometime in the future regarding the progress of this patent as it can really help the drivers or carpoolers in finding out if the person that they are sharing a ride with is drunk or not.