Are Urban Robots Really The Future

“It is a terrifying vision of the future – a robot police officer with dark eyes and no discernible mouth that can identify criminals and collect evidence.The robocop, complete with police hat to give it that eerie uncanny valley feel, was shown off outside the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, last June. But since then what has it done? And is Dubai’s love affair with robotics any more than just PR for a country desperate to be at the cutting edge of technology? PAL Robotics, the company behind the robot, threw some light on its duties, which seemed more tourist guide than police officer.”

Video Courtesy Of BBC

Source: BBC

It’s no secret that robotics is becoming widely known as part of our modern society today. Many companies create this type of technology to help in their operation who can blame them though by using robotics they can cut their workforce and in the process they can save money and also some of the robots can do the tasks in an automated way.

In United States, China and Dubai robotics has been developed or some of it is still under developmentĀ  to helped people in their everyday lives, only time can tell if this type of technology can evolved much further since some of it are still not fully developed or has not been improved yet.