YouTube Non-Skippable Ads Bolster To More Creators

“YouTube is expanding non-skippable ads on its platform. Today, the company announced that all creators who can already monetize content on YouTube will soon be able to turn on non-skippable ads on all videos. The change is rolling out next week and eligible creators will get a notification in their dashboard.  Advertisers usually pay creators more for non-skippable ads, so this could be a way for YouTubers to incentivize creators to stick around on its platform and produce more content, with each ad sale earning the Google-owned company a cut. If a creator turns on non-skippable ads, even previously published videos on their channel will be able to make use of them.”


Video Courtesy Of Creator Insider

Source: The Verge

YouTube non-skippable ads will bolster to more creators, the change will be implemented this coming week and the eligible creators will get notified within their respective dashboards, additionally YouTube is adding a tool that let’s creators remove non-skippable ads, they can also do bulk adding, tracking of audience engagements and tracking revenue data flow.

We will see where this will be heading since for many creators this is good news because there is a possibility that their revenues may go up, many creators create contents just to upload them on Youtube and most of the their videos are monetized as well, additionally creators also rely on the video platform for their income.